Our Mission:

To save you time, money, and stress in bookkeeping and tax filing.

Our Vision:

Be and be recognized as the most trusted professional Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation Service for individuals and businesses in British Columbia.

Who we are: is a limited financial services company headquartered in Kamloops, offering bookkeeping and tax preparation, and planning services. establishes the professional standard in bookkeeping and tax services for individuals and businesses.  We provide quality assurance by using proprietary and leading technologies to automate and streamline services.  Our  strategists maximize tax exemptions, deductions, and benefits to minimize your tax liability, maximize your refund, and ensure all government reporting is done right and on time.


  • Save Time:  We are professionals who are extremely proficient at tracking and managing finances.
  • Save Money: We are professionals who
    • identify and leverage every possible individual tax advantage;
    • deliver tax-ready business books.
  • Save Stress:  We are professionals who proactively provide solutions and complete necessary paperwork for your financials. Value-add Propositions:

  • Quality assurance standards.
  • Strategic partnerships with local accounting firms.
  • Reporting monthly and annually on the information that matters to businesses and individuals.
  • Promise to reduce bookkeeping and tax preparation stress.

Our Values:

R: Return on investment(ROI).
B: Breakthrough solutions.
T: Trusted professionals.
J: Judicious advice.


 BC Team Contact: (250)-376-0305

Alberta Team Contact: (403)-493-1745

Email: [email protected]
Address: #8-665 Tranquille Road, Kamloops V2B 3H7